Totes Magotes Logo Design


This is a super fun small business logo design I was able to work on. Totes Magotes is a local company in Northwest Montana that creates recycled tote bags out of old coffee bean bags. They sew patterned fabrics and handles onto the burlap bags to create cute functional tote bags. The bags range from yoga bags to grocery bags.

Totes Magotes was in search for something to capture their company as a whole. What they needed was a small business logo design. Logo design is the basis for creating a well conceived image for your company.   My goal when designing is to stay consistent with the company’s style and create a functional and creative design.

Starting out I learned that Totes Magotes wanted to create a brand that had a fun, natural, and organic look to it. After some brainstorming I was able to target the style I wanted to go for. The logo includes a line work-like goat, complete with some fun type to give it a lively and playful feel. This goat can work alongside the text to create a complete logo or work on its own as a variation.

As a small business owner, one of the best investments you can make is in creating a logo and design that will capture an audience. Tell People who you really are. Your new visual symbol can be placed on a variety of marketing materials, your website, and more. This gives people constant exposure to your brand.

As a result we were able to create a recognizable and memorable logo and color scheme for Totes Magote’s brand. As a small business logo it can be used to market their new company. It will be used on tags and other promotional materials.

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Totes Magotes Color Scheme
Totes Magotes Tag Design